Choose the right journal or publisher for your research

Why Think. Check. Submit.?
Not all researchers receive the same level of training and support in how to choose a trustworthy journal or publisher to submit their work to. Think. Check. Submit. provides an easy-to-use checklist that researchers can refer to when they are investigating whether a journal or publisher can be trusted.

How can I confirm a publisher’s address?
Most journal and publisher’s websites should include a contact address. By using a mapping service such as Google Maps’ Street View, you can confirm whether this is a legitimate business address such as an office complex, rather than a personal address or PO Box service.

Which journals should I submit to? Which should I avoid?
There is no definitive answer to this question – almost 1,000 new journals were launched in 2014, and with new titles launching almost daily it is almost impossible to stay on top of the latest journals in each field.

It is up to you to decide which journal is right for your work – the checklist is designed to help you identify which journals in your discipline are trustworthy, and will help your research have the maximum impact on your career.

Will you be endorsing journals with a quality mark?
No. The aim of Think. Check. Submit. is not to refer researchers to a particular set of journals, which will fall out of date quickly. Instead, we are focused on helping researchers make the most informed decisions possible about where to publish their work.

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